Pupils Recent Achievements



This fantastic group of musicians have been together for 3 years and are from Bradfield School, Sheffield. I have the pleasure of teaching 6 of them! And the other 2 are taught by drummer Andy Cook and pianist Dale Storr!  This year they performed with their own band FLOW and as part of the Jazz Group and Choir at Bradfest.

Band Line Up : 

Vocals – Chianna Coogan, Katrina Dewsnap, Olivia Walsh & Rosie Taylor.

Guitar – Sam Heritage.

Drums – Declan Quick.

Bass & Keyboards – Chester Heath Cook

Keyboards & Bass – Emma Smith

Flow 2013

Tully Summer Simpson



Tully attends the Lauren McCaslin School of Theatre Dance and has recently competed in the Centre Stage Dance Festival. 

Tully achieved a First Place and a Third Place in her Trio and Duet Dances and very narrowly missed out on a place for her Song and Dance Routine.  Tully scored 81 points and 1st place scored 85 points!!!

Here’s Tully just before she performed her song and dance routine – ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie.



Well done, Tully!  I’m so proud of you for all the hard work you put into your song and dance routine!  The scores were very, very close!


And after a very hard week of practising and competing, here’s a very happy and very tired Tully 🙂



Laura Martin

Graduated from University of Hull  and got a First in her Performance Module!


Rhiannon Morgan

The amazingly talented Rhiannon will be starting her

Performing Arts Degree at Cumbria University.

September 2012!

James Hadabora & Pippa Crossland & Rebecca Grace Hanneman & Jack Skelton

Here are four outstanding pupils, James,  Pippa, Rebecca & Jack, who are no strangers to performing in front of large audiences.

The Sound Of Music

Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield.

13th – 17th March 2012!

Vicky Turner

Vicky as earned herself a well deserved Runner Up in the Grand Final of the

Open Mic UK Competition at the O2 Arena, London, on Saturday 21st January 2012!